Battens: Powerhead

Titanium main sail with a full length top batten and four partial length battens.

Powerhead mainsails have a full-length top batten. The full-length batten helps support the large roaches on racing mainsails.

The Powerhead is a faster sail because the full-length top batten creates more roach. This extra area toward the top of the sail enables a more effective aerodynamical shape that allows a boat to point higher upwind and gives more sail area for sailing downwind.

The full-length top batten stabilizes the leech allowing UK Sailmakers to build a maximum-roach sail.  The long batten increases longevity by minimizing the damaging effects of luffing and by preventing the draft of the sail from moving aft over the years.  To support the large leech on lower aspect sails, UK Sailmakers also offers the option of making a second batten full length. 

For sails with extra roach up high or lower aspect mainsails, UK Sailmakers offers the Powerhead with the two full-length battens. Shown above is a Tape-Drive Carbon Technora main with the top two battens being full length.

All three of these boats have mains with two full-length battens.